From Kotaku: Update: EA Ships Illegal Weapons To Press, Wants Them Back:

Electronic Arts today contacted game writers around the country asking them to return the brass knuckles they were sent as part of a promotion for Godfather II.

The representative that contacted me said that the company wanted to make sure that the brass knuckles were “properly disposed of.” He declined to comment any further. Contacted by email Friday, an Electronic Arts spokesperson verified that the company is asking that all of the brass knuckles shipped out be returned.

Brass knuckles or metallic knuckles are illegal in many of the states that they were shipped to. They’re also illegal in California, where EA is based.

As electronic gaming targets a lot of kids under the age of 12, they should probably be more concerned about violating the Consumer Products Safety Improvement Act, what with brass having minute amounts of lead in it.

(Hat tip: Volokh Conspiracy.)

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