Remember the Important Thing About Manufacturing in the U.S.

By April 6, 2009Economy

An interview on NPR on Weekend Edition Sunday:

Despite Job Loss, U.S. Manufacturing Still Leads

Listen Now [3 min 9 sec]

Weekend Edition Sunday, April 5, 2009 · On Friday, the Labor Department released more grim news: Another 663,000 jobs disappeared last month. That sent the unemployment rate up to 8.5 percent. This recession has been especially hard on people who work in factories. Since the recession began in December 2007, U.S. companies have wiped out 1.5 million manufacturing jobs.

Yet the U.S. remains by far the world’s leading manufacturer, as measured by value of goods produced.

Guest host Linda Wertheimer speaks to NPR Senior Business Editor Marilyn Geewax about the country’s strong manufacturing base.

Just a straight-forward interview, reminding listeners that manufacturing in the United States boasts many strengths, including world leadership in production and productivity.

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