PBS NewsHour, Its Segment on EPA Endangerment

On Friday, the PBS NewsHour program’s lead report was a piece on the EPA’s proposed finding of endangerment from the major greenhouse gases, save for water vapor. Featured in the discussion was Keith McCoy, vice president of energy and resources policy at the National Association of Manufacturers.

The transcript of the segment is here. Excerpt follows (David Bookbinder is from the Sierra Club):

JEFFREY BROWN: So what are the stakes? I mean, what specific areas of tension do you think now as this — as it moves forward? What do you see happening?

KEITH MCCOY: Well, I think this is going to force Congress to act and do something. We would argue that this needs to be a robust and transparent debate, and we certainly hope that that’s what takes place.

But if that doesn’t take place, there’s real concern about using the Clean Air Act as a blunt instrument to regulate carbon, which could potentially impact the entire permitting process for manufacturers.

JEFFREY BROWN: The Supreme Court case from two years ago really was focused on auto emissions.

DAVID BOOKBINDER: That’s correct.

JEFFREY BROWN: But this goes potentially much further.


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