Greens Sucker the Unions

By April 14, 2009General

If you’re a union worker in the energy sector, construction or transportation, this alliance is operating in direct opposition to your own personal, economic interest. Your union dues are going to people who are trying to kill your jobs.

What a deal.

From Politico, “Labor, greens team up“:

Environmental groups are spending the congressional recess lobbying for two of the most controversial issues in Congress: the Employee Free Choice Act and a cap-and-trade system to regulate greenhouse gases.

The confluence of lightning-rod issues highlights an alliance between unions and environmental activists to promote green jobs as a solution to both declining union membership and global warming. “The economy is at the forefront of everyone’s mind,” said Margrete Strand Rangnes, director of the Sierra Club’s Labor, Workers’ Rights & Trade Program and deputy director of the Blue Green Alliance. “People are recognizing that, at this point, we’ve moved beyond that cliché of environment vs. jobs or climate vs. the economy.”

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