From the Gulf, a Relevant Report for OCS Hearing

By April 17, 2009Energy

The second best editorial contribution to the Department of Interior’s hearing in San Francisco on the MMS’s five-year management plan for offshore energy development came from more than a thousand miles away, as Deroy Murduck reported on his visit to the world’s most productive natural gas installation.

Aboard Anadarko’s Independence Hub — The last time you washed your hands or showered, 2 percent of the natural gas that heated your water likely came from this bright-yellow platform in the Gulf of Mexico. Painted like a lemon to ward off errant ships and aircraft, this leading-edge installation proves that America can produce far more of its own energy — innovatively, safely, and cleanly — if we just stop scaring ourselves into paralysis.

The column is called “Clean, Safe and Secure.”

We’ll say it again: Anyone who claims to want energy independence without embracing domestic oil and gas production just isn’t serious.

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