Energy Aesthetics

Associated Press, “Salazar: Eastern wind could equal coal for power“:

“The idea that wind energy has the potential to replace most of our coal-burning power today is a very real possibility,” he said. “It is not technology that is pie-in-the sky; it is here and now.”

Washington Post, music review, Neil Young’s “Fork in the Road”:

Atavistic riffing redolent of the proto-grunge half of “Rust Never Sleeps” abounds, along with loads of woozy guitar solos and dashed-off lyrics. “Her engine’s runnin’ and her fuel is clean/She only uses it ’cause she’s a machine/She don’t need it, though, just to cruise around town,” Young boasts, extolling the virtues of his beloved “LincVolt,” over the sludgy blues-rock of “Fuel Line.”

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