Earth Day: Bless our Mountain Greenery Home!

By April 22, 2009General

On this very solemn, most powerful of days, Earth Day, we bring you the inspirational performance of the Rodgers-Hart classic, “Mountain Greenery.” The moving interpretation comes from that great Buckeye, Frank Crumit.

Listen, oh listen: “Mountain Greenery.” (.mp3)

On the first of May
it’s a moving day;
spring is here, so blow your job-
throw your job away;

Well, Hart was writing in the pre-green, pre-Great Depression period, but other than being a week or so off (May Day, Earth Day, same thing), it’s a wonderful expression of today’s Zeitgeist.

Now the time to trust
to your wonderlast.
In the city’s dust you wait
must you wait?
Just you wait;

In a mountain greenery
where God paints the scenery
just two crazy people together.

While you love your lover, let
blues skies be your coverlet.
When it rains we laught at the weather.

And if you’re good
I’ll search for wood
so you can cook
while i stand looking.

Beans could get no keener re-
ception in a beanery.
Bless our Mountain Greenery home!

In a mountain greenery
Where God paints the scenery
Just two crazy people together
How we love sequestering
Where no pests are pestering
No men holds us together

Mosquitoes here
Won’t bite you, dear
I’ll let them sting
Me on my finger

We could find no cleaner retreat
From life’s machinery
Than our mountain greenery

He even anticipated Starbucks, “no keener reception in a beanery.”

More from Mr. Crumit at and here, too. Frankie and Johnny is especially good.

UPDATE (10:10 a.m.) Oh, there’s another verse we missed.

When the world was young
Old Father Adam with sin would grapple
So we’re entitled to just one apple
I mean to make applesauce
Underneath the bough
We’ll learn a lesson from Mister Omar
beneath the eyes on no Pa and no Ma
Where Lady Nature is boss

Mister Omar?

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  • WayneB says:

    Mister Omar = Omar Khayyam. The Rubyiat was a hot “new” thing in 1926, when this song was premiered.

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