CSPIA Update: The White House Responds to Nord’s Letter, Sort Of

By April 2, 2009Regulations

The Wall Street Journal today covers the letter from Nancy Nord, acting chairman of the Consumer Product Safety Commission, to President Obama asking him to appoint a new chairman of the commission. (See earlier post.) The three-member commission has a vacancy, and is now split between Nord — a Republican Bush appointee — and Thomas Moore, a Democrat appointed by Clinton and reappointed by Bush.

The WSJ elicited a White House comment in reaction to Nord’s letter, although it’s not a substantive response. From “Obama Urged to Fill Product-Safety Post as Complaints Mount“:

A White House spokesman said: “We are moving ahead in an aggressive fashion on a whole array of issues. When it comes to staffing, we are remarkably ahead of where previous administrations were at this point.” He declined to comment on the specifics of Ms. Nord’s letter.

Criminy and cripes. What a narrow political remark.

Who cares about previous administrations? There are people who are losing their livelihoods, billions of dollars of products being kept off the market, destroyed or sequestered, and consumers denied access to toys, children’s clothing, used books and many other desired and necessary prodcuts. The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act is a jobs-destroying disaster. Let’s get moving ahead in an aggressive fashion on THAT issue, and let the rest of the whole array sort itself out.

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