CPSIA Update: Today’s News

By April 2, 2009General, Regulations
[Oklahoma Honda Suzuki sales manager Shawn] Bostwick said he fears that since he can’t sell ATVs specifically for children, parents may buy larger ones, which could cause more crashes.

“Putting children on oversized ATV or dirt bikes that are too powerful and too heavy for the children, that is going to affect the children more, in my opinion, than the current law is trying to do,” he said.

Speaking of yesterday’s rally, Alliance for Children’s Product Safety, news release, “Businesses Speak out on Damage Caused by Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act“:

WASHINGTON, Apr 01, 2009 (BUSINESS WIRE) — At a rally today on Capitol Hill, Members of Congress, small business owners, authors, crafters, apparel makers, educational toy manufacturers, ATV dealers and motorcycle enthusiasts urgently called on House and Senate leaders to fix the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA). The most sweeping attempt at U.S. consumer product safety law reform in a generation, the CPSIA’s vast scope and complexity has inadvertently created a “worst case” scenario for tens of thousands of American businesses, charities, libraries and others.

Woldenberg is the leading organizer and citizen activist who has helped mobilize the many, many disparate groups — and individuals — harmed by the law’s overreach. He has a website devoted to the effort at his company, Learning Resources Inc.

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