CPSIA Update: John Engler on the Hugh Hewitt Show

Hugh Hewitt, law professor, blogger and radio talk show host, invited National Association of Manufacturers John Engler on the his program last night to talk about the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act. (They continued on for a second segment about EPA regulation of greenhouse gases.)

Hewitt has taken the lead among radio hosts in highlighting the excesses of the Consumer Product Safety Commission. As radio topics go, it’s a natural: Government excess putting small business owners out of business, outdoor enthusiasts hit by the hammer of government regulation, children’s books being destroyed, and Congressional leadership pretending there’s not a problem.

The segment is available here as an audio file. The CPSIA segment starts at about 14:30 in, and we’ve taken the liberty of transcribing the interview.

HH: Let’s turn to the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act. For many, many weeks now I’ve covered on the program using my expert, Gary Wolensky, who’s a lawyer with Snell & Wilmer, a series of interviews – and I’ve also had the Chairman, Nancy Nord, on the program – about the idiocy that is the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act.

Over at the National Association of Manufacturers, you’ve got a great blog that covers this. Where are we with this? Are you making progress in getting the Congress to listen and fix this law?

ENGLER: You know, I think we’re making some progress with rank and file members of Congress. But this is one where the leadership has simply got to acknowledge they made a mistake. They botched the bill, and they’ve got to change it, and they’ve got to back off on some of this tight implementation. We’re not talking about putting people and kids at risk here. We’re saying that this is a regulatory scheme that’s so pervasive, and it’s right down to hitting mom and pop.

We had the big rally. You covered that and did a wonderful job. I mean, we had these companies – three, four people! … This is like going after the lady that bakes the pie for the VFW fish fry or the church social. Some of these products that we’re trying to regulate, it’s just overkill.

For the transcript of the full segment in .pdf, click here. The NAM’s Engler suggests Speaker Pelosi ask Rep. John Dingell (D-MI) to step in and solve the political and legal headache.

And thanks for saying nice things about Shopfloor, Hugh!

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