CPSIA Update: John Engler on Hugh Hewitt’s Radio Program

By April 20, 2009Economy, Regulations

John Engler, president of the National Association of Manufacturers, will be interviewed on the Hugh Hewitt radio show this evening — 8:20 p.m. Eastern, 5:20 p.m. Pacific and adjust accordingly. We’ll be listening via live Internet stream from KNUS News/Talk radio in Denver, Colorado.

Here’s the link for the live stream. Or try KLRA-870 in Los Angeles.

The topic is the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act, an issue that Hugh has worked hard to inform his listeners about. And so has the NAM.

And so has Walter Olson, who has the latest news about the CPSC voting to stay the enforcement of the lead-content restrictions on ATVs.

It’s going to take an act of Congress to bring dirtbikes, kid-size ATVs and similar motorized vehicles back into the legal sunlight. In the mean time, though, the CPSC has consented to let them venture back out into a half-legal and temporary twilight. That’s the upshot of the commission’s new pair of decisions, in which it’s 1) granting a temporary stay of enforcement on the vehicles, just as in February it granted such a temporary stay with respect to some of CPSIA’s most impractical testing obligations for manufacturers, while 2) refusing to accord the recreational vehicles an actual exemption from the law. Because of the latter refusal, sale and service of the vehicles will continue to be in violation of the law’s terms, and dealers and families will have to hope that the 50 state attorneys general agree to follow the federal agency’s lead in forbearing from enforcing the law for the time being. [Motorcycle Industry Council; StopTheBanNow.com; documents at “What’s New” section of agency site]

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