CPSIA Update: CRS Report Says Implementation ‘Not Going Well’

By April 21, 2009Regulations

The respected, non-partisan Congressional Research Service earlier this month issued a report for Congress, “Consumer Product Safety Commission: CPSIA Implementation.”

The 17-page report is a straight-forward presentation on the legislative process that produced last year’s passage of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act and the troubles that have accompanied the law’s implementation.

Key excerpt from the summary, “For the moment…one thing seems certain: implementation of the CPSIA is not going well.”

The CPSC has been overwhelmed with multiple statutory deadlines. Confusion is rampant among manufacturers, importers, distributors, retailers, and consumers about new lead limits for consumer products intended for children 12 and under. Turmoil is particularly acute among small businesses. Despite agency efforts to provide clarification, consignment shops, thrift stores, and
various charitable organizations still fear incurring stiff fines for inadvertently violating the CPSIA, and retailers across the county are contemplating disposing of valuable inventory that may well pose no health risks.

Congress counts on the CRS to provide objective and balanced reviews of key issues facing policymakers. If our Representatives and Senators read “Consumer Product Safety Commission: CPSIA Implementation” with open minds, they’ll surely reach the conclusion that the law must be changed.

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