CPSIA Update: A Report from Janesville, Wisconsin

By April 10, 2009Regulations

Valerie Jacobsen, a bookstore owner and homeschooling mom in Clinton, Wisconsin, recently filed Twitter reports on her visits to Janesville thrift stores. (Via Overlawyered.com, the latest CPSIA chronicles, April 9. ) From @Jacobsenbooks:

@reppaulryan Janesville Goodwill. Pulled all children’s games, puzzles, almost all toys. No used dolls. No toy trucks. Much less clothing.10:18 AM Apr 3rd from web

@reppaulryan Janesville Salvation Army pulled all games, all puzzles, all toys, all ed & school supplies. Good for Janesville? NOT! #CPSIA10:17 AM Apr 3rd from web

@reppaulryan Janesville thrift stores visit. Have been shopping them for 14 years. Normal to find dozens pieces used baby clothing.10:16 AM Apr 3rd from web

#CPSIA Please call your reps on behalf of KIDS who need used clothing. Esp for coming winter-coats, boots, sweaters, hats, mittens, sleepers10:14 AM Apr 3rd from web

Janesville WI pop 60,000 3/31/09 Canvassed thrift stores. In entire city ONE PIECE OF USED CLOTHING for baby < 6 mos #CPSIA @reppaulryan10:13 AM Apr 3rd from web


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