CPSIA Update: A Broad Coalition for Change

By April 7, 2009Regulations

Highly recommended, Walter Olson at Overlawyered, “Things I learned at the rally.” He takes note of the next big hammer the law will bring down on the people and the economy:

Even blogging the subject as much as I have, I’ve somehow said almost nothing about CPSIA’s requirements for batch numbering, labeling and tracking of kids’ products, due to hit later this year. It seems these requirements all by themselves will suffice to wipe out small producers in droves even if the crazy testing requirements can somehow be made sane.  A few write-ups touching on the subject: Handmade Toy Alliance (Word document), Kathleen Fasanella/Fashion Incubator, Publisher’s Weekly.

Walter also notes a “deplorable hatchet job” — apt description — in the Consumer Reports blog, “Businesses rally against CPSIA.” It’s worth reading as a reminder that there are “consumer activists” out there who do not mind if businesses fail and individuals lose their livelihoods as long as power is centralized and the impossible cause (no risk, ever) is served.

It’s also worth reading for the many, many comments —  individual testimonies to the terrible problems the law has wreaked upon people. For first-person accounts, it’s a good place to turn.

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