Changes at Top Level of Trial Lawyer Association

By April 8, 2009Briefly Legal

Since we’re blogging about the trial lawyer profession today, here’s news that we haven’t seen reported other than at the website of the American Association for Justice (but not on the homepage):

Washington, DC–Following is a statement from American Association for Justice (AAJ) CEO Jon Haber regarding his decision to depart AAJ.

“We are a far stronger organization today than when I joined AAJ four years ago, working in a positive environment with a pro-civil justice President and Congress.

Because we are in such a strong position, I have decided this is the best time for me to step down to take on new challenges.  The new pro-civil justice environment has put the organization in the strongest position it has been in a generation.  This time period also presents opportunities for those seeking the next challenge in their careers when it comes to fighting for justice and progressive values.  I am considering several very promising opportunities.

In taking this next step, I am very proud to have served as the CEO at a time when the organization achieved so many successes including creating an effective rapid response war room; sponsoring, hosting the first AAJ presidential forum debate, and securing a new AAJ headquarters.

It was a far different time when I joined the association four years ago.  Working with the attorneys and an outstanding team of professionals at AAJ, we turned around and revitalized this great association, shaping it into a forward-thinking, nimble, and more effective advocate that has increased its influence and stature.  And because of our work, today the right of everyday Americans to hold powerful interests accountable when they engage in misconduct is stronger, safer and more secure.”


UPDATE: John Edwards is available.

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