Card Check: You Can’t Spell Falderal Without AFL

By April 28, 2009Labor Unions

From the AFL-CIO’s statement by Legislative Affairs Director Bill Samuel on Senator Specter’s party switch.

This is a new day for the Employee Free Choice Act and labor law reform. Sen. Specter has said all along that he recognizes the need to reform our broken labor law system and we will continue to work with Congress to give workers back the freedom to form and join unions and pass legislation that stays true to the principals of the Employee free Choice Act.

We will give them back the freedom to form unions by taking away their freedom to vote on forming unions.

Again, facts instead of falderal: In the first half of 2008, unions won 66.8 percent of all organizing elections. So in the search for ever better rates of success, unions will kill choice altogether.

And, funny, now that we reread the sentence, that’s no offer of support or political amity. There are two parts separate classes, artificially attached via an “and.”

  • Sen. Specter has said all along we recognize the need …
  • We will continue to work with Congress…

You wonder how much debate there was over putting in the necessary (and missing) comma before the “and.”

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