Card Check: What’s All This About an Employee Free Choice Act?

By April 29, 2009Labor Unions

A useful reminder from the Reuters’ small business beat that not everyone is caught up in the day-to-day battles over the anti-democratic Employee Free Choice Act. From, “Now playing: The Employee Free Choice Act“:

CHICAGO ( – It sounds like something out of a movie: Labor unions looking for payback from a president they helped elect squaring off against big business interests with deep pockets hoping to thwart a possible law they say would hamper their businesses.

Both sides have staged aggressive publicity campaigns to win public support. While the ending has yet to be written, small businesses have hitched their wagons to their larger corporate brethren, arguing that the proposed legislation would tilt the collective bargaining scale unfavorably toward organized labor.

Yes, it’s an introductory story about the No. 1 topic here at (blogged first in September 2006 by Pat Cleary), the Employee Free Choice Act — the subject of expensive PR drives, coalitions and countercoalitions, campaign commercials and relentless dissemblination from organized labor.

All those efforts notwithstanding, it’s probably true that the majority of the public has never heard of the Employee Free Choice Act or why it is such an anathema to a vibrant economy and American democratic principles. As Eugene Scalia of Gibson, Dunn, Crutcher explains: “Employees would be signing these voting cards in circumstances that could be very intimidating without hearing both sides of the story.”

So, a reminder to those of us on the free-market, real free-choice side of the argument. Let’s remember to get back to basics, at least some of the time. After all, Reuters didn’t mention Arlen Specter until the very last paragraph.

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