Card Check: Unions Invest in an MSNBC TV Host

From the Business and Media Institute, “MSNBC Pro-Union Host Ed Schultz Received $22K from Labor in 2008.”

Ed Schultz debuted on MSNBC during the 5 p.m. slot on April 6 with a flashy new set. And although the liberal radio host’s “ED Show” is in its infancy, it has one apparent theme – it’s very pro-organized labor.

Leo Gerard, president of the United Steelworkers, was even Schultz’s first guest. On his second show on April 7, Schultz’s opening “OpEd” segment was firmly for the Employee Free Choice Act, also known as card check. And, on his third show on April 8, he invited Mary Beth Maxwell, executive director of the pro-union, pro-card check American Rights at Work organization.

However, there’s one detail Schultz hasn’t revealed to his audience – a potential conflict of interest. As recently as 2008, Schultz received more than $20,000 from three separate AFL-CIO affiliated labor unions.

BMI cites and reposts documents gathered from the Department of Labor’s website. We were worried that the new Administration would take down the very useful search engines and documents on union expenditures from DOL’s site. Congratulations to Secretary Solis for standing by the Administration’s commitment to transparency.

To be fair to Schultz, it’s not that outrageous if he has been compensated for public appearances before labor audiences. Besides, he’s always been a pay-to-play kind of guy. His national radio show was started with seed money from Senate Democrats. Funny, we remember interviewing him when he was talking about running as a Republican against Rep. Earl Pomeroy (D-ND).

UPDATE (5:40 p.m.): Justin Wilson at the Center for Union Facts digs deeper and discovers more than $50,000 in union payments to Schultz over the years.

Straight talk from the heartland, proclaims Schultz. Or straight cash from the unions, as the case may be.

UPDATE II (5:42 p.m.): We Got Ed says his website. They sure do:

OCSEA/AFSCME Local 11 Building Union Power Conference
Date: 4/18/2009
Location: Columbus, OH
What: OCSEA/AFSCME Local 11 Building Union Power Conference
Where: Columbus, OH
Who: Ed Schultz Gives Keynote Speech for Building Union Power Conference
When: April 18, 2009 at 7:00pm, ET

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