Card Check: The Word from North Dakota, Truth Versus Lies

By April 8, 2009Labor Unions

An excellent letter in The Bismarck Tribune, “Protect the right to privacy,” by Connie Feist of Minot. Excerpt:

While I grew up in a union household, my husband and I are now proud to own a business in Minot that provides a living for many employees. We have an open-door workplace, where employees feel free to come to us to discuss job duties, performance issues, wages and benefits. We know this is the case because it occurs on a regular basis. The EFCA would essentially slam shut such an open-door policy.

The Employee Free Choice Act throws up unnecessary barriers between labor and management and prohibits open communication between the two groups. If the EFCA were to pass, it is quite possible that employers would not even know that their employees had unionized until after the fact. How can this possibly result in a working environment that fosters trust and respect?

But, as the letter writer obviously understands, the Employee Free Choice Act is not about trust and respect, it’s about maximizing union power and dues.

Meanwhile, former Fargo blowhard Ed Schultz, now with a sure-to-be-shortlived gig on MSNBC, continues the union tactic of shouting LIE, LIE, LIE and pretending that’s an argument. Schultz says:

The Employee Free Choice act is about, just that, choice. What could be more American than having a choice in the workplace as to whether you’re going to organize or not?

Now, the point being here is that if you get your friends together in the workplace and you decide you want to do collective bargaining, you can do it. Yes, you can do it today. But this would change.

Now, one of the claims that’s being made out there by the antis of the Employee Free Choice Act is that this would take away the right of a secret ballot.

Folks, I’m telling you tonight, that is an absolute lie. website (of the Associated Builders and Contractors) takes Schultz down effectively:

Taken, in order, is the Truth About EFCA(.com!):

  • It’s not about choice if one is trying to quell two-sided debate and kill the period of contemplation
  • Yes, current law does allow workers to bargain collectively, so why go to the extreme of curtailing employee rights?
  • And, again, EFCA does effectively eliminate secret ballots … that’s not a lie, it’s a practical fact

It’s unfortunate that those carrying water for organized labor continue to lean on mis-truths while managing to call everyone else a liar.

To be fair, Schultz does acknowledge one fact: This bill is in the danger zone.

P.S. It’s “median,” Ed. Not “medium.”

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  • Karl says:

    “While I grew up in a union household, my husband and I are“……Hypocrites. Union was great for your livelihood while growing up but now that you are on the other end of the stick it doesn’t feel so good. Tell us, why was it OK to grow up in a union household but not OK to own a business that is union? And no, I’m not pro-union or card check but want to know what’s the difference between the “good” unions that were helping to provide for your early life and the “bad” unions that want to put you out of business.

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