Card Check: Oh, Forget Compromise, Forget the Whole Thing

By April 24, 2009Labor Unions

A descriptively titled news release, “AFSCME, Americans United for Change Launch New Television Ad Spotlighting the Republican ‘Party of NO’ and the Middle-Class Priorities They Turned Their Back On,” excerpted:

Gerald W. McEntee, President, AFSCME: “Through this campaign, we are mobilizing our members and the general public to support President Obama’s comprehensive effort to promote jobs and economic recovery, enact health care reform this year and pass the Employee Free choice Act. The Roadblock Republicans can’t hide from the damage their resistance is doing to the recovery our people need. We have important work to do to overcome the opposition of the corporate CEO’s who set the GOP agenda. We’re going to flood Capitol Hill with phone calls and letters to keep us on the road to recovery. And we’re going to make sure that the Roadblock Republicans know that working Americans expect them to put partisanship aside and do what is right for America.”

That sure sounds like a 2010 campaign commercial, an implicit admission that AFSCME and United for Change don’t think EFCA can pass this year. The two are declaring that it’s on EFCA they’ll stand or fall. They want to change the political equation rather than seek “compromise.”

In which case, these unions are striking a sharply different tone from the SEIU’s Andy Stern, who did not appear all that committed to the Employee Free Choice in a Washington Post interview this week, saying, “We are on the hunt for a solution.”

In short, organized labor is all over the map, torn by disagreement and conflicting agendas on the dishonestly titled Employee Free Choice Act. Such a shame.

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