Card Check: Memorializing Congress

By April 28, 2009Labor Unions

Last year one of the many campaigns the labor unions organized involved getting city councils and other elected boards to pass resolutions in support of the dastardily named Employee Free Choice Act. Stack up enough of them, adding a million or so electronic signatures on a petition, and you supposedly have clear evidence of public sentiment.

Those efforts seem to have slackened lately, but with Legislatures now meeting, we’re seeing some counterefforts by supporters of secret-ballot elections in the workplace. State lawmakers are going on the record.

From the April 21 Congressional Record:

  • The SPEAKER presented a memorial of the Senate of Michigan, relative to Senate Resolution No. 16, memorializing the Congress of the United States to oppose the Employee Free Choice Act; to the Committee on Education and Labor.
  • Also, a memorial of the House of Representatives of Missouri, relative to House Resolution Nos. 294 & 212 requesting that the Congress be urged to reject the Freedom of Choice Act; to the Committee on the Judiciary.

And from KXMC, Minot, North Dakota:

Representatives voted today to urge North Dakota’s delegation and the U.S. Congress to OPPOSE the Employee Free Choice Act…The resolution passed the House 58-36.

So it’s not all one way. For what it’s worth.

P.S. In the North Dakota House, a Democratic Representative claims, “When you vote to support this resolution you’re telling employees the law is fine – it’s okay for an employee to be harrassed or fired…'”

No, in fact that’s against the law. A better argument would be “when you vote to support this resolution, you are saying that you hate puppies.” Much more persuasive and grounded in reason. 


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