Card Check: In Virginia, Strong Sentiments Against EFCA

By April 15, 2009Labor Unions

Virginia business leaders organized a successful news conference and rally in Richmond on Tuesday to express the adamant opposition of the state’s employers to the Employee Free Choice Act. The Richmond Times-Dispatch covered the story, noting that a clear message was being sent to Sen. Mark Warner, the freshman Democratic Senator. From “Warner pulled by business, labor on ‘card check’“:

Warner, still silent on the latest congressional effort to make it easier to unionize the workplace, yesterday came under pressure from friends on both sides to take a stand.

More than 200 business leaders and lobbyists — some of them Warner confidantes — descended on the nonunion Omni hotel here to press him to oppose so-called card-check legislation.

It was the latest in a continuing effort by business — via grass-roots lobbying, the Internet and paid advertising — to smoke out Warner and other swing senators who could decide the issue.

Outside the hotel, in a steady rain, 40 union supporters — including labor leaders who worked for Warner’s elections as governor and senator — chanted and carried signs urging passage of the disputed bill.

Only 40? That must have been discouraging.

Virginia employers — jobs creators — have joined in a coalition to coordinate efforts to defeat the purposely misnamed legislation. It’s Virginians for Workplace Fairness, and the website is: The Virginia Manufacturers Association is a member, as are many NAM-member companies. It’s an impressive list of leaders committed to defeating the secret-ballot destroying legislation.

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