Card Check: Former NLRB Member Kirsanow on Specter’s Switch

By April 28, 2009Labor Unions

Peter Kirsanow, Cleveland attorney and former member of the National Labor Relations Board, has some thoughts on what Senator Specter’s switch means to prospects for the Employee Free Choice Act and organized labor’s politicking this Congress. From The Corner:

Specter’s announced opposition to card check gave cover to a few Democratic senators to express reservations concerning the provision. Now that Specter’s a Democrat and  a Democrat-only cloture vote is a numerical possibility (i.e., should Franken prevail), the pressure on Democrats to pass EFCA (with card check) increases. They can no longer give Labor the excuse that Republicans can block cloture.
It wouldn’t be surprising to see Specter conclude that the economy is, in fact, beginning to improve — far sooner than most economists had expected. That would permit him to reconsider his opposition to card check.
Even less surprising would be some movement on an EFCA bill containing quickie elections and equal access.
His assessment of the political dynamic in the first paragraph is very smart. Otherwise, we’re inclined to think the card check battle in all its iterations moves to the 2010 elections, but Peter could well be right.

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