As California’s Economy Goes, So Goes the U.S.

From Henry Payne, writing at Planet Gore, “California’s Deal with EPA: Watch Your Wallets!”:

Detroit, Mich. — An environmental watchdog group reported Monday that California and EPA have reached agreement in principle that auto fuel-economy rules will be set by the federal government — but according to California’s proposed regulations. The resulting hike over already-onerous federal rules, say industry analysts, could cost U.S. automakers billions more in regulatory compliance at a time when they are already financially insolvent.

“EPA is likely to follow historical precedent and federalize the state rules,” reports, thus resolving “the long-running fight over the state’s request for EPA to grant a Clean Air Act waiver for greenhouse gas emissions standards while retaining industry’s preferred compliance mechanism under CAFE.”

They stared at the carcass, splayed out in the hot sun. The Californian nudged it with his foot, a tight smile on his face. The Fed looked at the dead, decaying economy, and a moment of doubt crossed his mind. “Oh, well,” he said to himself. “At least it’s a national standard.”

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