A Few Press Moves to Know About

By April 30, 2009Media Relations

Quin Hillyer has moved from the editorial pages of the Washington Examiner to the Washington Times as a senior editorial writer and columnist. (MediaBistro) At the Examiner, Quin often reported on the role that the trial lawyer industry has in shaping the U.S. economy and political system to the detriment of the consumer, business and economic growth. It’s reporting experience that will be put to good use at the Times, too.

John Hinderaker of the Power Line blog sang The Examiner’s praises last week, “A New Power on the Center Right,” noting its hiring of Michael Barone and Byron York. And it gives column space to Bret Jacobson, too, who is excellent on the topic of labor unions and the damn-its-eyes Employee Free Choice Act. Today, for example, Bret has a column up on the Department of Labor’s gutting of union transparency rules.

Also from MediaBistro, “Reuters has hired James Pethokoukis as the Washington columnist and blogger for Reuters’ new Commentary Service covering the economy and Washington policy.” Pethokoukis has demonstrated a keen understanding of business realities and political cant at his Capital Commerce blog at US News, and we trust the Reuters’ reach will make him even better known.

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