Volunteerism and Earth-Moving Equipment

By March 28, 2009General

The floods of ’09 near their peak along the Red River and its tributaries in Minnesota and North Dakota, and the good people of the region have pulled together to minimize the damage, human and material. As President Obama noted in his radio address today…

In the Fargodome, thousands of people gathered not to watch a football game or a rodeo, but to fill sandbags. Volunteers filled 2.5 million of them in just five days, working against the clock, day and night, with tired arms and aching backs. Others braved freezing temperatures, gusting winds, and falling snow to build levees along the river’s banks to help protect against waters that have exceeded record levels.

Well, if a picture is worth a thousands words, this video must be worth a billion. From Minnesota Public Radio:

We don’t know the trucks, but there appear to be a lot of Bobcats at work there on the floor of the Fargodome. (And alas, the PRCA Rodeo has been cancelled.)

The Fargo Forum reports that the Red may have crested in Fargo, but there’s plenty of river north before you get to Lake Winnipeg.

The Boston Globe has a very well presented collection of flood photos, not just from the Red but also from the Missouri flood. Ah, a Fargodome photo shows a Case IH front-end loader at work, too. And there’s a John Deere front-end loader further down in useful deployment. And a Hyster. Thank goodness for farm and construction equipment.

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