The narcissists at Capitol Climate Action say their anti-coal protest at the Capitol Power Plant will go on today, despite the weather. From a blog post, “Snow is no wet blanket.”

We’re up and at ‘em here at headquarters. We pushed through the snow, got into the office early, and immediately started taking phone calls from media wanting to know if the event is still on. Of course it’s still on! We expect 2,500 dedicated activists to stand tall at the Capitol Power Plant and demonstrate that the course of history bends toward progress. Make sure to follow the day right here as it unfolds.

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Meanwhile, here’s some interesting reading for you as you sip your coffee.

Schwarzenegger declares California drought state of emergency
Farmers worry as parts of Texas are driest in US

Drought bad for wheat

Drought bad for wheat! Well, that’s breaking news.

One gathers from the links that the Capitol Climate Action blogger attributes the droughts to global warming. But that’s a pretty dumb unpersuasive argument to make on a snowy day in Washington at the end of an unusually cold winter.

Meanwhile, the increasingly erratic James Hansen of NASA issues a “call to action” against coal in a video  posted at the blog, headlined, “Dr. James Hansen on coal, civil disobedience.”

On a day when snow has turned the roads slippery and police have other things to worry about — like public safety! — trying to get yourself arrested for the cameras is just self-indulgent disregard for your fellow humans.

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