Promoting Exports Starts With Recognizing Value of Trade

By March 18, 2009Trade

The NAM’s Frank Vargo, vice president of international economic affairs, testified before a  House Energy and Commerce subcommittee hearing Tuesday, “Stimulating the Economy through Trade: Examining the Role of Export Promotion.”

The Dow-Jones story highlighted Vargo’s comments, including, “We can either leave future export performance at chance, a residual result of other policies and actions, or we must have a national export expansion strategy designed to achieve a large and sustained increase in our exports.”

Vargo’s testimony is available here, and the NAM issued a news release, “NAM’s Vargo Tells House Trade Subcommittee United States is ‘Missing the Boat’ on Exports.”

Also testimony from:

  • Michelle O’Neill, Acting Undersecretary for International Trade, International Trade Administration, Department of Commerce
  • Suzanne Hale, Acting Administrator, Foreign Agriculture Service, Department of Agriculture
  • Dr. Loren Yager, Director, International Affairs and Trade, Government Accountability Office
  • Liz Reilly, Director, TradeRoots, United States Chamber of Commerce
  • Chairman Bobby Rush (D-IL) made an opening statement, available here.

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