Pants Suit: Another Roy Pearson Appeal Rejected

By March 3, 2009Briefly Legal

WTOP reports the latest development in the $54 million lawsuit filed by former D.C. Administrative Judge Roy Pearson against his drycleaners for supposedly losing a pair of suit pants:

WASHINGTON – The D.C. Court of Appeals has denied the petition of Roy Pearson to re-hear his case.

The former administrative law judge sued his dry cleaner for $54 million after they lost his pants, claiming they didn’t live up to their satisfaction guarantee.

Pearson lost the first trial in D.C. Superior Court and lost again before a three-member panel of the Court of Appeals. He then asked the entire appeals court to re-hear the case — which they have now refused.

Pearson’s only remaining option is the U.S. Supreme Court.

Don’t forget international courts. The Chungs are originally from South Korea, so there’s clear standing for continued litigation.

UPDATE: (9:25 a.m.): Chris Manning, the attorney for the Chungs, issues a statement:


The D.C. Court of Appeals has denied Roy Pearson’s voluminous petition to rehear his appeal of his $54M claim against the Chung family dry cleaner.

Mr. Pearson lost at trial in the D.C. Superior Court, lost again on his appeal before the D.C. Court of Appeals and has now lost for the third time in being denied a rehearing before the D.C. Court of Appeals..

Mr. Pearson’s only remaining option for appeal is petitioning the U.S. Supreme Court to hear his case.

The Chungs sincerely hope that Mr. Pearson’s three resounding defeats will finally convince him to drop his pursuit of his frivolous claims and to put the case to rest once and for all.

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