Membership Renewal Letter from the Union of Concerned Scientists

By March 19, 2009Global Warming

It’s just interesting how low key this dues reminder is from the Union of Concerned Scientists. Most direct mail from environmentalist groups we get — and we get a lot — tends toward the POLAR BEARS ARE CRYING FOR THEIR DEAD CUBS ilk of propaganda. This letter is restrained in comparison (and that respect, quite dissimilar from the unrestrained jobs-killing UCS policy agenda).

Why the modest rhetoric? Our guess:

You don’t need a strong sales pitch targeting people who have already associated themselves with your efforts, i.e., members and former members.

The Obama Administration is new and generally seen as sympatico, and there’s no point at railing against the Bush Administration any longer. Besides, there will be enemies to raise money from by demonizing soon enough. Whenever the cap-and-trade debate in Congress gets under way.

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