In Bulgaria, Earth Hour Used to be Every Hour

By March 29, 2009Energy, Global Warming

From something called the Sofia News Agency, “500 000 Sofia Light Bulbs Go off during Earth Hour

Twenty-two Bulgarian cities took part in the “Earth Hour”, the campaign to raise awareness about global warming, Saturday night.

45 emblematic public buildings in downtown Sofia went dark as did, for the first time in its history, the medieval Bulgarian fortress of Tsarevets in the city of Veliko Turnovo.

According to the head of the electricity monitoring center in Sofia, the capital saved some 20 MW of electricity during the Earth Hour, which amounted to the turning off of 500 000 light bulbs.

Just guessing from personal experience, having visited East Germany before and after Communism, we’d bet that Sofia used to go dark every evening: No light bulbs, energy rationing, rampant poverty — that’s the way they used to achieve “Earth Hour” savings in Bulgaria’s planned economy.

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