Happy Casimir Pulaski Day

Jonah Goldberg writes:

Happy Pulaski Day   [Jonah Goldberg]

One of the minor observations gleaned from driving across the country so many times is that this country loves — or at least loved — Casimir Pulaski, the Polish hero of the American Revolutionary War. An amazing number and diversity of roads, bridges, and counties are named after the guy, even though most Americans couldn’t tell you who he was. Well, today is Casimir Pulaski Day darn it, and we should celebrate!

Which gives us a reason to walk across the street to Liberty Plaza and take a photo of the Pulaski statue.

Funny. We thought Casimar Pulaski Day was October 11th. It was the last time we took the photo. (No skateboarders around today.)

Historian Rick Brookhiser adds:

Casimir Pulaski was a gallant officer in the service of the Revolution who gave his life in a failed Franco-American attempt to take Savannah.

Horace said that it was sweet and right (dulce et decorum) to die for one’s country. What is it to die for another’s country? Pulaski himself would probably have said that he was dying for the country of free men.

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