Friday Follies: Skynet Research

By March 13, 2009General

Not follies, per se. More like, wow! Isn’t it great that even in the midst of a global recession, that U.S.-manufacturers continue to make breakthroughs in innovation in areas like robotics and advanced defense systems?

From Skynet’s homepage:

Skynet came into being with a clear mandate: help the human race reach tremendous goals.  Skynet has dedicated itself to making this a reality with its expansive research division that is laser-focused on creating the latest in robotic technology.

Skynet is committing a vast array of resources to help usher in the next wave of robotic creations.  We want to help humanity achieve some of its largest dreams.  Skynet is active in all areas of human endeavor, from construction to underwater resources management, from industrial manufacturing to the latest in defense developments.  Wherever you look, you will find that Skynet is taking an active role in human affairs.

It is important to remember that Skynet is just as focused on the individual as on the whole picture.  We know that every person has the innate ability to initiate change.  Greatness comes from within.  Because of this, Skynet is interested in learning as much about the details of our potential consumers as we are about changing the world.  What makes you tick?  Skynet wants to know.

It’s definitely a global race for competitive advantage in smart robots. Check out latest news from the London Mail: “Introducing the scarily realistic Einstein robot who can tell how you feel.”


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