D.C. Forecast: Snow and Electricity Generated by Coal

NASA employee and increasingly erratic climate scold James Hansen recently called for ratcheting up the level of protests against energy production, just in time for Monday’s rally at the Capitol Hill power plant. And in just in time for the biggest snow storm in three years.

From Fox News:

In a video on capitolclimateaction.org, Dr. James Hansen is seen urging Americans to “take a stand on global warming” during the March 2 protest at the Capitol Power Plant in Southeast Washington, D.C.

“We need to send a message to Congress and the president that we want them to take the actions that are needed to preserve climate for young people and future generations and all life on the planet,” says Hansen, who has likened coal-fired power plants to “factories of death” and claims he was muzzled by the Bush administration when he warned of drastic climate changes.

“What has become clear from the science is that we cannot burn all of the fossil fuels without creating a very different planet. The only practical way to solve the problem is to phase out the biggest source of carbon — and that’s coal.”

But critics say Hansen’s latest call to action blurs the line between astronomer and activist and may violate the Hatch Act, which prohibits federal employees from participating in partisan political activity.

“Oh my goodness,” one of Hansen’s former supervisors, Dr. John Theon, told FOXNews.com when informed of the video. “I’m not surprised … The fact that Jim Hansen has gone off the deep end here is sad because he’s a good fellow.”

The Climate Action website proclaims “Mass Civil Disobediance at the Coal-Fired CAPITOL POWER PLANT.” Good thing the site has an illustration of Gandhi along with all the riling/rallying. Too bad today’s protesters have only a passing acquaintance with the theory of civil disobedience, tending to whine when they go too far and are arrested. “But we mean well!” Really? By eliminating 50 percent of the power generation in the United States?

Moot point, perhaps, as the National Weather Service announces:

A Winter Storm Warning For Snow Remains In Effect From 2 PM This Afternoon To 2 PM EST Monday For The District Of Columbia…And Areas Of Maryland And Northern Virginia East Of The Blue Ridge.

An Upper-Level Disturbance Across The Deep South Will Move East Today. A Surface Low Has Formed Over South Carolina This Morning…And Will Push Up The Eastern Seaboard Through The Afternoon And Evening Hours…With A Tight Gradient Of Accumulating Snowfall Ahead Of The Low. Accumulating Snows Will Begin To Affect Portions Areas Of North Central Virginia And Southern Maryland By Mid To Late Afternoon.

While The Exact Storm Track Will Dictate Specific Snow Accumulations…At This Time 4 To 7 Inches Of Snow Can Be Expected Through Monday Morning Across Areas West Of Interstate 95…With Totals Of 7 To 10 Inches East Of Interstate 95…With Locally Heavier Amounts Close To The Chesapeake Bay.

Gusty Winds Will Also Develop Overnight Sunday Into Early Monday.

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