CPSIA Update: The Prescience of Margery Williams Bianco

By March 19, 2009Regulations

The Velveteen Rabbit captures so well the horrible, even cruel effects of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act, which has led to destroyed toys and children’s books. Excerpt:

And so the little Rabbit was put into a sack with the old picture-books and a lot of rubbish, and carried out to the end of the garden behind the fowl-house. That was a fine place to make a bonfire, only the gardener was too busy just then to attend to it. He had the potatoes to dig and the green peas to gather, but next morning he promised to come quite early and burn the whole lot.

For more on the book issues, see this post by Walter Olson at the indispensable Overlawyered.com, “CPSC: No, we didn’t ask libraries to pull pre-1985 books

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