CPSIA Update: CPSC Commissioner Nord Says, ‘Well, Congress?’

By March 15, 2009Regulations

Talk show host, attorney and law professor Hugh Hewitt interviewed CPSC Commissioner Nancy Nord about the damage caused by the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act. Hewitt presses her, and Nord maintains her position that the CPSC lacks the authority to fix Congress’s excesses. From the interview:

NN: Now as we have gone through this process, we have found that there are some real problems here. We have brought them to the attention of Congress. I would hope that we can work with Congress to solve these problems as quickly as we possibly can, because the last thing that we want to do, that I want to do, is to impose economic havoc on businesses that are really just trying to provide safe products to the consumers.

And, hah. Just as we were writing this post, WTOP radio carried an ad for Intuit Quickbooks. The ad features a woman’s narration along the lines of, “I make and sell baby clothing, but I have a hard time…”

So does the software have a “Bankrupted by Congressional Overreach” function?

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