Cool Stuff Being Made: Whirley Drinkware


From the website of Whirley Drinkworks:

Once upon a time (actually it was 1960), two entrepreneurs named Bob Sokolski and Hal Conarro started a coin-operated laundry business. They called it “Whirley Wash,” after the motion the machines made as they cleaned. Success soon followed.

It wasn’t long before Bob and Hal decided to parlay their good fortune into another arena: car washes. “Sparkle Car Washes,” a chain of coin-operated sites, was soon born. The two founders even went so far as to design their own equipment, which they began supplying to hundreds of other car washes.

Looking for a fresh challenge, Bob and Hal turned their attention to plastics. Over the next nearly four decades, their new venture, Whirley Industries, took the plastic promotional drinkware world by storm, becoming the #1 company of its kind in the country!


In this week’s “Cool Stuff Being Made,” Lincoln Sokolski brings up to date, walking us through the Warren, Penn., operations of the drinkware products manufacturer. Extrusion, molding, printing – yes, there’s plastic at work.

And a Spiderman angle!

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Bottom’s up! (Odds are good Whirley will be on the bottom of the mug.)


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