Card Check: The NAM’s Letter in Opposition

By March 10, 2009Labor Unions

NAM Executive Vice President Jay Timmons sent a letter to Senate and House members this afternoon stating the opposition of the National Association of Manufacturers to the Employee Free Choice Act, introduced today. Excerpt:

Unfortunately, the key provisions in the EFCA limit the rights of employees and threaten the ability of manufacturers to continue to create and retain jobs in the U.S. This bill represents the worst type of power grab by the special interests because, while it purports to help workers, it actually would threaten the very jobs those workers have toiled so hard to maintain.
The EFCA effectively eliminates the ability of employees to use secret ballot voting when deciding whether to join a labor union. The secret ballot process would be replaced by a flawed system that would certify labor unions with a simple majority of signed authorization cards, which exposes employees to intimidation and coercion. While pro-EFCA ads attempt to blur this issue, the evidence is clear – the bill eliminates the secret ballot for union certification.
The binding arbitration provisions of the EFCA are equally – if not more – onerous. They would effectively eliminate an employer’s ability to make the critical economic decisions that are tied directly to our ability to compete and create jobs in this global economy. This provision of the EFCA is of particular concern to manufacturers as it opens the door to government control of wages and benefits.

The full letter is available here.

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