Card Check: Compromise, Defection and Rhetorical Tricksters

By March 28, 2009Labor Unions

Mickey Kaus contextualizes the latest developments on the Employee Free Choice Act. In early March we wondered why the Los Angeles AFL-CIO was “street phoning” Senator Feinstein to lobby on card check. Now we know.

Employee Free Choice On the Move!  Now Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein is waffling on “card check.”  Look for Marc Ambinder’s note on how this only better positions the anti-secret-ballot legislation for 2012! 11:17 P.M.


I was worried that anti-card-check lobbyists had made the horrible mistake of killing it quickly, before they’d put their kids through college. But no, there is still talk of a compromise that’s damaging to their business clients.  Sen. Harkin seems to be trying to use the Starbucks Plan as a push-off point in order to give labor an incremental victory. Faughnan speculates Harkin’s trying to save some of the (hated by business) arbitration provisions. As usual. Jennifer Rubin isn’t buying the threat.  … P.S.: What, exactly, did labor spinners gain by their now-discredited braggadocio (“100% confident”)? … 11:55 A.M.

He follows with an interesting, theoretical piece about the Employee Free Choice Act’s binding arbitration provisions being a repudiation of Wagner Act unionization. Why not just have government impose a contract all the time?

In other union dissembling news with a California tilt, there’s this news release from the U.S. Teamsters, “Blue Ribbon Commission Panel Findings Show that FedEx Has Eroded Its Workers’ Living Standards Substantially.”

WASHINGTON, March 26, 2009 /PRNewswire-USNewswire via COMTEX/ —-A Blue Ribbon Commission panel has found that FedEx has systematically eroded the living standards of its employees to the point where its workers find themselves on the brink of falling out of the middle class.

Without good middle class jobs, the economy cannot recover, according to the report “Blue Ribbon Commission on Keeping FedEx Jobs in the Middle Class,” released today. The commissioners, Rep. Linda Sanchez, D-CA., Los Angeles City Councilman Bill Rosendahl and United Methodist Church Bishop Mary Ann Swenson heard testimony from economic experts, FedEx workers, clergy and community members at a hearing in Los Angeles in December 2008.

Wow! A Blue Ribbon Commission, with all that title implies — august thinkers, economic experts, impartial arbiters.

Phhpt. It’s a panel formed by the Teamsters, other union groups, and the social justice crowd in Los Angeles. An accurate headline would have been, “Teamsters Find Teamsters to be Right, Urge Opponents to Adopt Teamsters Recommendation.”

Or in SAT terms: The Blue Ribbon Commission is to commissions as the Employee Free Choice Act is to employee free choice.

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