Card Check: A SAG Card Makes Martin Sheen an Expert?

By March 31, 2009Labor Unions

From Politico, “President Bartlet, aides push EFCA“:

The West Wing” is back — sort of.

The award-winning NBC drama went off the air in 2006, but on Tuesday, “West Wing” stars Martin Sheen, Bradley Whitford and Richard Schiff will try to use their celebrity status to promote the Employee Free Choice Act, the divisive labor union bill that has stalled in the Senate.

The three actors will unveil a new program called Faces of the Employee Free Choice Act, sponsored by the pro-labor group American Rights at Work, at a news conference at Sen. Edward M. Kennedy’s office. The labor bill is also known as “card check” in business circles because it would get rid of the secret ballot for union elections.

The Screen Actors Guild uses secret ballot elections in voting for their union’s leaders.

Actors have the same First Amendment rights as everyone else (except lobbyists in the White House), so welcome to D.C. and let’s hear the arguments. Oh, heck, Martin, get yourself arrested to show how much you care.

A serious point amid this unseriousness is this: Despite Sen. Specter’s decision to oppose the Employee Free Choice Act, organized labor still has every intention of passing this anti-democratic legislation.

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