After Cutting Business Section, WaPo Lays Off Judge Parker, Pinhead

Fresh after killing its daily business section, the Washington Post reduces the comics from three pages to two, sending Judge Parker, Brevity, Little Dog Lost, Piranha Club, Pooch Cafe and Zippy the Pinhead to Internet purgatory. TV grids are being reduced, as well.

The moving of the chess column onto the web is also kind of discouraging. We’d never seek out a chess puzzle online, but if it’s there on the printed page….

We’ll be interested in knowing which decision prompts the most reader outcry — business section or comics. Probably the comics, especially Judge Parker. Who actually returned to the eponymous comic last month; we thought he’d gone the way of Barney Google.

Meanwhile, no laughing at the New York Times: “NYT Announces Five Percent Salary Rollback and Lays Off 100 on Business Side

Well, that’s what happens when you don’t have a comics section to cut.

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  • Dave Robbinson says:

    The WaPo is dumb. Hard decisions, yes. But, in all seriousness, they could have cut a bunch more comics, before they sliced Judge Parker out of the paper.

    Seriously. They continue to print re-runs of Peanuts. And Mark Trail is still in the 70s. Frank & Ernest hasn’t used an original joke since 1983.

    I hope the flip the script, at least as it pertains to the Judge.

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