The Stimulus Bill, Housing and a Different Perspective

By February 20, 2009Economy

Looking for other, non-predictable, non-MSM perspectives on the stimulus bill, we find this in newspaper boxes all around the metropolitan D.C. area today, the latest issue of the Washington Hispanic:

The main headline: “Stimulus doesn’t help everyone”

The smaller deck above the headline: “Many hispanics like Mauricio Zelaya are in danger of losing their homes”

Announcements made this week by President Obama of an unprecedented package of stimulus measures to counter the economic recession and the multibillion dollar housing finance plan may be dead letters for Mauricio Zelaya, who has lived for eight years in a house in Hyattsville (Maryland).Zelaya, of Salvadorean origin and the father of five boys, is in danger of losing his home having been a victim of mortgage fraud by a group of unlicensed lenders.

Just two points: Housing and housing finance remain powerful political issues, obviously moreso in lower-income communities where fraud was more prevalent.

And, what a telling assumption, that the stimulus bill was supposed to help everyone — including victims of crime. Everyone!

P.S. On another note, the paper reports that Venezuelans in the Washington area voted overwhelmingly against the constitutional amendment that would allow Hugo Chavez to continue in office. In ballots cast at the Venezuelan embassay here in Washington, the count was 631 no, 64 yes.

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