Senator Murkowski, an ANWR Energy Proposal

By February 23, 2009Energy

From the Oil & Gas Journal, “Murkowski urges directional drilling for ANWR“:

WASHINGTON, DC, Feb. 20 — US Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alas.) said on Feb. 19 that she plans to propose using directional drilling on state land and waters in initial Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) oil and gas resources development, with no surface occupancy.

That approach means there would be no occupancy, pipelines, construction, or facilities that would impact the refuge or its wildlife, she said in her annual address to Alaska’s legislature in Juneau.

“America will get the energy it needs, and those concerned about the impact to wilderness will be able to enjoy and preserve the refuge exactly as it is today. It is the best of both worlds,” she maintained.

Murkowski said her bill would take advantage of technological improvements in underground oil development to allow state land-based production platforms to siphon crude oil and gas from beneath the refuge.

Interesting. So it’s the “pristine” ANWR that opponents of north slope energy development want to protect, or is it any drilling, at all? Murkowski’s bill takes the measure of the environmentalists.

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