From The New York Times, “Clinton Paints China Policy With a Green Hue“:

BEIJING — Declaring that “we hope you won’t make the same mistakes we made,” Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton invited China to join the United States in an ambitious effort to curb greenhouse gases, as she toured an energy-efficient power plant in Beijing on Saturday.

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton visited the Taiyanggong Geothermal Power Plant in Beijing on Saturday.

“When we were industrializing and growing, we didn’t know any better; neither did Europe,” Mrs. Clinton said. “Now we’re smart enough to figure out how to have the right kind of growth.”

Resolved: The Industrial Revolution was not a mistake, but rather one of the great accomplishments of human history, bringing unprecedented prosperity, freedom and happiness to mankind.

Promoting the adoption of new, energy-efficient technology and cleaner power generation in China is a very good thing, and U.S. manufacturers are taking the lead in this area. These technologies build upon the science, engineering, ingenuity and wealth that blossomed during the Industrial Revolution. There’s no reason to apologize.

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