Leadership, California Style

Inspirational quote from Ann Notthoff, California advocacy director at the Natural Resources Defense Council, in a Jan. 14 NRDC news release:

California leads the nation in legislative initiatives to fight global warming and it’s vital we build on that success to provide a lasting recovery for our economy and a clean energy future.

US News, Tuesday, “In Deepening Recession, California Begins Laying Off 20,000 State Employees“:

In the latest sign of the recession—and of its consequences for state and local governments—California began laying off 20,000 government workers today.

California, the world’s-eighth largest economy, has a projected deficit of $41 billion through 2010. It’s been trying for months to come up with a budget that can close that gap, but to no avail. Currently stalled in the legislature, the budget is now 15 weeks overdue.

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  • Athul B Nair says:

    The blog just showcase the need to escape from the global warming. Both the developed countries and developing nations should join hands to find the solution rather than blaming each other.

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