If the Fast Foods Have Phthalates, Watch Out!

By February 22, 2009Regulations

From Warner Todd Huston at Publius Forum:

The ABC News medical unit wants to warn you about a stunning new risk to your health: fast food. Amazingly, it “ups your stroke risk” ABC tells us. Of course, we all know that eating too much fast food is bad for us, right? Well ABC has even more startling news. It isn’t necessarily only eating the stuff that’ll kill you. You see, ABC wants us to believe that just living near fast food places will kill you, too.

And how does ABC arrive at this scientific conclusion? From reporting on a survey of cardiovascular cases in one Texas county. Right. One Texas county.

We’re reminded of an ABC report from 2008: “Baby-Care Products May Be Harmful.” No, it’s not as ridiculous as the report on fast foods, but it still mongers.



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