Energy, the Economy on President Obama’s Canada Trip Agenda

By February 18, 2009Energy, Trade

The White House has now posted on its website yesterday’s briefing with Denis Mcdonough, Deputy National Security Advisor for Strategic Communication, on President Obama’s trip to Ottawa on Thursday. Deputy Press Secretary Bill Burton hosted the briefing, conducted by teleconference. Mcdonough:

There will be a lot of discussion of the economic recovery plan that the President is signing today, and the synergies of that plan with the stimulus package that Prime Minister Harper has proposed in Canada, as obviously both of them have infrastructure investment in clean and renewable energy and green jobs and tax cuts for working families.

They’ll also obviously be discussing, given the fact that Canada is the largest energy provider to the United States, our shared interest in energy and the environment, significant discussion of cooperation on clean energy technology. And the President is hopeful that they can — that he’ll be able to build on the very productive conversation he had with President Calderón of Mexico last month here in Washington, before he was sworn in, wherein he and President Calderón talked about possibilities for carbon abatement, clean energy technology, and a partnership among the three North American countries on those issues.

Carbon abatement — wonder if that signifies opposition to Alberta oil sands.

White House advisors Larry Summers and Carole Browner will be along on the trip.

Thanks, by the way, to the White House for getting the briefing up just a day after it was conducted. We’re still waiting for last week’s briefings from the press secretary, Robert Gibbs. And that’s not a snide remark. We sincerely want to read them — Friday’s looked interesting — and are mystified as to what’s taking so long. Transparency, transparency, transparency.

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