DTV, All is Flux

By February 11, 2009General

From the Washington Post, “500 TV Stations Still Plan to Make Digital Switch Next Week

With millions of U.S. viewers still apparently unprepared for the nation’s switch to digital TV, nearly 500 full-power television stations across the nation are preparing to move ahead with the transition and drop traditional over-the-air broadcasts next Tuesday.

So the impact of Congressional action in legislating the delay to July 31 was to cause more confusion, more disruption and, we bet, more litigation. No surprise, really.

Personal testimony: Having bought an over-the-air digital TV last week, have to admit that it’s better than the rabbit-eared analog. Now, A-Team and Rockford Files reruns every night! And eight different weather maps. And Baltimore local news reports. And every “Austin City Limits” ever broadcast.

Why delay?

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