Dispatch from the Front: The Week of February 2

By February 2, 2009Economy, General

Stimulus or simulacrum? That’s the debate continuing in Congress this week, as the Senate takes up H.R. 1, The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. In related news, President Obama will speak at the National Prayer Breakfast on Thursday.

The NAM on Wednesday brings in manufacturers from around the county, visiting their elected representatives on Capitol Hill to express opposition to the Employee Free Choice Act. For more, see the NAM’s EFCA Toolkit, and “Stop the Employee FORCED Choice Act.”

The Senate convenes at 2 p.m. today and begins debate on the stimulus bill. At 6:15 p.m., the Senate votes on the nomination of Eric Holder to be Attorney General. Democrats go on retreat Wednesday, and President Obama will join them for remarks.

The House meets in pro forma today, for suspensions on Tuesday, and on Wednesday, it looks like another run at S. 352, The DTV Delay Act; the Senate amendments to H.R. 2, CHIP expansion; and the consolidated appropriations act, taking care of all those appropriations bills that didn’t get finished in the 1110th. House Democrats on Thursday and Friday hold their regular caucus retreat in Williamsburg.  For the Weekly Leader, go here.

House Hearings: House Financial Services holds a hearing Tuesday, “Promoting Bank Liquidity and Lending Through Deposit Insurance, Hope for Homeowners, and other Enhancements.” On Wednesday, there’s a markup: “To Promote Bank Liquidity and Lending through Deposit Insurance, the HOPE for Homeowners Program, and other Enhancements.” On Thursday, the Judiciary Subcommittee on Commercial and Administrative Law, a hearing, “Midnight Rulemaking: Shedding Some Light.” Small Business on Thursday, “Health Care Reform in a Struggling Economy: What is on the Horizon for Small Business?” Also Thursday, Energy Independence and Global Warming, “Roadmap from Pozan to Copenhagen–Preconditions for Success.” For the full list of House hearings, see Friday’s Daily Digest.

Senate Hearings: Senate Banking holds a hearing Wednesday on modernizing the U.S. financial regulatory system. On Thursday, Banking’s subject is TARP.  The HELP Committee on Thursday considers implementing best patient care practices. For list of all scheduled hearings, go here. The Senate Finance Committee privately considers HHS Nominee Tom Daschle’s taxes and transportation.

Executive Branch: From Friday’s White House press briefing by Robert Gibbs: “The President — and I apologize, this is going to be somewhat oblique — will have meetings and announcements here at the White House Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.” News accounts says Congressional leaders head to the White House today to meet with the President and Vice President.

Economic Reports: On Friday, the Bureau of Labor Statistics announces January employment data. For more, see Briefing.com’s report of the week ahead.

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