CPSIA Update: The February 10th Deadline Nears

By February 4, 2009Regulations

Here’s an ad that the NAM’s CPSC Coalition ran in The Hill today. Excerpts: “It is simply impossible to comply with a standard when the rules on how to comply are not yet finished. All businesses want to comply with the new law. However, the Consumer Product Safety Commission is not done clarifying which products and materials fall under the new rules thanks to the law’s unrealistic compliance deadline. Manufacturers and retailers will not risk a potential $15 million fine for selling a product that may not meet the new lead standard.

“To avert a financial disaster on February 10 that could force millions of safe products off retail shelves, thousands of small businesses to close their doors and countless jobs lost, Congress needs to act now and extend the deadline for the new lead standard.”

Joining the ad are the American Apparel & Footwear Association; The Art & Creative Materials Institute, Inc.; the Coalition for Safe and Affordable Childrenswear; the Fashion Jewelry Trade Association; The International Art Materials Trade Association NAMTA; the International Sleep Products Association; the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association; the Motorcycle Industry Council; the Specialty Vehicle Institute of America; the Toy Industry Association; the Writing Instrument Manufacturers Association.

To see the ad in a larger format, click here for the .pdf or go to Bracewell-Guiliani.

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